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VDK Heavy Buffer for Tippmann M4 Airsoft Gun

Was: $75.00
Now: $55.00
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"Variable Dimension Kick" Buffer is a "Heavy Bolt" drop-in upgrade for your Tippmann M4 airsoft rifle. Adjustments can be made to fine-tune the length of the buffer. This is important to avoid over-travel of the buffer which can cause damage over time to the bolt system inside the rifle. 



Shim the buffer using the included steel shims to maximum alowable length so that the bolt can still lock back and function normally. The most certain way to do this is to add all 4 shims and test the buffer to see if you can charge and fire the rifle. If the bolt does not lock back, remove one shim and test again until it does. Then add some BLUE loctite if you have some available and torque the two halves together using two common screwdrivers or similar tools. Then you are ready to rock!


-Machined from 303 Stainless Steel right here in Columbus, WI

-Adjustable Drop in Recoil Enhancement buffer for the Tippmann M4
-Adds significant amount of recoil.