"The Basics" Starter Kit

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This AR accessories kit was designed with the idea of affordability and simplicity.

Anybody whose looking to add a little flare to their new gun without breaking a budget will be happy to know that when you get this bundle your getting over $15 off of everything when you buy "the basics".

Including a QD Sling End plate and QD Anti Rotation Swivel Socket to allow for mounting of a sling or other accessories. With the Socket being both Keymod and M-lok compatible. 

A Trigger Guard to make for more comfortable finger movements and placements inside the trigger well. 

And finally a Mag Release Button for better grip and usability in reloads. 


VP-15 Trigger Guard

VP-16 QD Sling Plate

VP-18 Mag Release

VP-21 QD Swivel Slot


Thats a $75 Value for only $59