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Ice Auger Adapter - Stainless Steel - Safety Disk

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New 2020 Design! Revised LONGER SHANK!

Are you tired of cranking that handle 'round and 'round shaving away ice little bits at a time? Getting nowhere fast with your prime fishing hole? Crank no longer with our innovative auger adapter! Simply install into your ice auger and chuck it up to your favorite cordless drill and let the powertool do the work. Never worry about cold-starting your gas auger again either. Drill as many holes as you want with ease. Our auger adapter is made of 303 stainless steel by us right here in Wisconsin. Don't let your ice fishing season slip by with that time-consuming hand auger and try one of our power drill auger adapters today!

***Clamp TIGHTLY on flats of adapter only or damage will result! Now with our new safety disk to help protect your auger from meeting a watery fate if any mishaps where to happen.

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